When appropriate, we will be posting related research information under the Published Information section of this website. Most of our research and development projects are of a proprietary nature. Here are some of the areas that we have or currently are involved with:

  • • Scientific application of holography
  • • Effects of low-level radiation
  • • Improved method for continuous deep seam welding
  • • Filtration of harmful and contagious biological exhaust
  • • Development of energy recovery systems
  • • Optimum digital rendering computer processor configurations

Current Project: Bed Bugs

The insurgence of bed bugs has become a global epidemic. Most people are not aware that theses bugs are becoming immune to pesticides, at an alarming rate. Our objective is to develop an effective proactive method to control them without the use of pesticides.

To keep pace with the level of inquires that we receive related to this subject of study, we are preparing and will publish pertinent information on our website. Please refer to the site menu button: Published Information – Bed Bugs.

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